TMC is your partner in the paper converting, in particular in the envelope- and stationery industry and this now all in all with an experience of over 4 decades. We have the solutions and ideas turning into reality that make the things that move your business forward and paid the way to transcend the competition.

Sale and (much) more - such as expert advice - is our passion, and includes first-class secondhand equipment or even professionally revised machinery, spare parts, new retro-fits and field services.

– Gunnar und Christian Thiel

Our products

envelope machines

The envelope is still the safest data carrier without equivalent substitute.

pocket machines

This is also true for pockets, that also help save lives - we think for example on X-ray bags - or breathe new life into the nature with the contents of small seed bags. So big is the size range of the different machines with which we can serve.

combination machines

Even in the age of specializations, it may make perfect sense to combine.

punching presses

Magnetic cutting cylinders - undoubtedly a grandiose idea to carry out also complete shape and sever cuts with flexible knives but for long runs from the sheet punching machines have their merits and are still irreplaceable.

printing machines

Colors are like vivid thoughts

In this area we are for you primarily on the go with machines for printing of finished envelopes and pockets with up to 4 colors.

supplementary machines

With some older W+D machine you can do more than you think. One have just to know how to help.


Here is our goal to optimize your existing machines with interesting retrofits, which correspond the present state of technology instead of having to buy right away a brand new machine to meet the market requirements. Upgrades which likewise motivate your staff - and among others even contributing to environmental protection.